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Bavarian Polymer Institute

The Bavarian Polymer Institute (BPI) is a joint initiative of the Universities Bayreuth, Erlangen-Nürnberg and Würzburg. Within this strategic collaboration, the three North Bavarian Universities combine their expertise in the fields of polymer science and polymer engineering. The Bavarian Polymer Institute fosters cutting-edge interdisciplinary research by enabling strategic and infrastructural collaborations with joint research projects and the establishment of common know-how-chains.


The BPI combines and complements the scientific strength of the three participating universities in the area of polymer science and engineering.​ ...more

Keylab concept

The key strategic element of the BPI is a joint research infrastructure in form of key laboratories (KeyLabs) accessible to all members of the BPI as well as to external researchers. ...more

Research projects

The BPI supports coordinated research initiatives at its three locations (FAU, JMU, UBT) including Collaborative Research Centres and International Research Training Groups. ...more